George Guida


They stroll

along the surface of the moon

like your great-nonni

after a family pranzo 

on the steep side of a rocky hill

beneath the duomo. 


Space is

to Italians the somewhere

they’re forced to go

instead of home to gather 

on public balconies

for bel canto.


Home is

everywhere, including the streets, 

the morning cafes

and afternoon bars

open for bad news taken 

in centuries of stride.


Space is

the expanse of their prayers

in quarantine

and hospital wards

whispered in nurses’ ears

as if to say



is no price for the beauty

of heartfelt goodbyes

and the constant embrace

we offer the universe

come what may.



George Guida‘s two latest collections of poems—Zen of Pop (Long Sky Media) and the revised edition of New York and Other Lovers (Encircle Publications)were published in 2020. His earlier books include three other collections of poems, a collection of stories, and two volumes of scholarly essays. He is Past President of the Italian American Studies Association and Professor in English at New York City College of Technology.