Marylou Tibaldo-Bongiorno

Feast of St. Blaise of Montorso

some have unknowingly entertained angels
Heb 13:2
Canto I.
What was tasted one day is missing the next
Where did it go?
Taken for the prospect of thirty pieces of silver
Is a sickening prospect
Bonds burnt
Trust tethered to disbelief.
How can I feel betrayed
If I didn’t feel love
What’s severed is ever separate
A changed (w)hole is the only respite.
Canto II.
A 98 year old lady, petite and polite on my right, silent without hearing
Laos traveller, orchid and elephant lover sharing cannoli elbow left
Silas, what a grand name for a gentleman spirit of knowing, with a glowing passion for perfection, en route to St. John’s.
Anthony uses his non-hands expertly, at 86, legal mind, detonated details, a conversationalist bar none, contemplating puttanesca.
These angels sit with us for hours of escape from the day’s cycle.
Benefactors who grant us access to their long walked aisles of the mind and terrain. 
Blessed walks…the paths of pale earth.  He says I’m brave.  I wonder what my thoughts were, decades long.  How do you explain the line we create, as artists, to the practical ones? 


Marylou TibaldoBongiorno is an Emmy-nominated, award-winning, Newark, NJ-based, social justice filmmaker who, along with her husband Jerome Bongiorno, creates fiction, documentary, and museum installation art films that are widely distributed and capture their Italian-American experience.  Her first poetry was published before NYU Graduate Film School and her poems have become a thumbnail of her cinema.