Jason DiFilippo

Hollywood Can’t Wait

What would a lyric be if not

a total breakdown at 5:30 am?

                  Easter Sunday morning and

all shimmer and no hope, filtering narcissistic 

tamponades, compressed and accumulated

in bags of fluid like lungs full of love.

IMBD situated with a liar’s smile

and a nice bank account

organ donor body distended

slowly contracting long-fold 

paradoxus, refracting systolic light, 

in the corner of a moth’s eye.

Here we are, beyond Sirius 

and Outta Time, unconscious 

thoughts collected in bottles.

              Is it too late?

I can hear the heart of God 

rasping eleven million deep breaths

anesthetized into oblivion.

Rosario “Alair”, the consummate actor. 

How many bastards did you turn 

your back on?  

           All begotten mirages. 


Jason DiFilippo is a writer, cook, and a devoted father of three daughters living in Secane, PA. He is the author of one chapbook “The Ripple” via Two Pens and Lint Publishing and has appeared in Apiary Magazine’s online Winter Edition in 2012.