Mike Fiorito


I remember picking up Crazy in the Kitchen. I’d heard so much about you; I had to read it. In just a few pages I quickly realized this was no ordinary book by an ordinary writer. Nor was it a cookbook. This was a powerful personal history. Someone confronting their family’s shame. Their own shame. I fell in love with your fascination for detail.  I followed you through the course of your history, finding my own mingled history in the twisted bands. Though we’d never met, we had chased the same shadows. And the same ghosts. I had had always known you. Then I read Chasing Ghosts, the story of your family. How your mother swallowed her pain. Discovering your father’s fascination for detail. That your father communicated his location to your mother during WWII with coded messages. And how you chased them, their history and your history. And now, never having met you, I’m decoding your messages from another world, chasing your history, finding you everywhere.


Mike Fiorito lives in Brooklyn, NY. His stories have appeared in Narratively, Mad Swirl, The Good Men Project and Brownstone Poetry and Ovunque Siamo.   He is currently working on a short story collection called “Crooners”.