New York childhood recounted through basso profundo vocals

     and bellwether eyes, silver-blue forecasters of tone

iceman’s helper

    up and down

    high horse-drawn wagon

wiry Barese boy heaving bulky blocs on boney shoulders

    lugging ice for pennies

   decades later, you joke how your father sold you with the route

fostering an imperious victory garden

    new owner hands you a border spade

   ‘Vito, load manure along the route’

a nine-year-old unwilling to shovel anybody else’s shit

    you deliver ice and an emphatic NO

immigrant father, Brooklyn born mother

every inch the stout salt and pepper shakers

    collecting into their polished curio cabinet

    store pride in sepia smiles

    this tall pepper mill son rising in a new world of possibilities


AM Roselli is a writer and artist living in Hudson Valley, New York. Her illustrated poetry, Love of the Monster, was published in 2016. Her writing has appeared in The Stillwater Review, Literary Mama, Better Than Starbucks, Barren Magazine, 5×5 Journal, and Cagibi. Her art was featured in the A3 Review and Emerge Gallery, Saugerties, NY. You can access her website here