Vittoria repetto

Vittoria repetto


the protector


after mamma died,

nonna would sleep with me

in the big bed

in my parent’s apt.

dad coming home

after the restaurant closed

slept in my old bed.

as a teen

i wanted my own space

but had none.

i sometimes woke nonna up suddenly

as i in an adolescent sex dream

grabbed her.

and in the summer,

she liked the a.c. high

and i didn’t.

years after she died,

an old friend of nonna’s told me

nonna had heard

of widowers taking their daughters

and though she thought

dad was not the type,

she was going to make sure.



Vittoria repetto is a lesbian butch who grew up in Greenwich Village. She is the daughter of immigrant Italian parents. In 1995, she published a chapbook Head For the Van Wyck and in 2006, Guernica Editions published her first poetry book, Not Just A Personal Ad. Vittoria repetto was the vice president of the Italian-American Writers Assoc from 1991 to 2016. She hosted a Women’s & Trans’ Poetry Jam from 1999 to 2018.