Al Tacconelli


for Maria Famà


Maria for Christmas gives me a box of Perugina Baci;

ten chocolate dipped hazelnuts called Capezzoli di Venere––

Nipples of Venus.


Three Baci: 250 calories, 160 from fat––I ponder the label,

small portions I eat, brisk walks to avoid gaining weight

and chocolate’s provocative scent.


I rationalize just one goodnight Bacio before bedtime,

however like Tannhauser to Venus I succumb––

sweet chocolate nipples intoxicate.


Showered, shaved, ready for bed, Perugina’s blue box

of Baci is empty––I’ve been utterly seduced, another

sated victim of Capezzoli di Venere.


Last Peek


Best in winter, no whining mosquitos sting––

see heaven’s unsullied immensity

blacker than Dexter, neighbor’s French bulldog.


I watch circling planes blinking red lights

vanish in every direction;

unseen among stars and planets

secret drones survey entire continents.


Soon lidless amber eyes of drones

will peer into my bedroom window

noting sansevieria parva’s slow growth,

noting if I’ve died since the last peek.


Al Tacconelli’s work has appeared in Paterson Literary Review, Stone Soup, Mad Poets Review, and The Endicott Review; and in the anthologies, Avanti Popolo, and The American Voice in Poetry. Al has read at Hofstra University, and has been acknowledged by the Allen Ginsberg Poetry Awards. In 2015, his book Two Countries, One Heart was published by Solo Deo Gloria, and in  2014, Bordighera Press published Perhaps Fly.