I care you appreciate Sicily

my own son not really, and me

that place I was eager to leave

now wrapped with cheap nostalgia

a fat chop in butcher paper

I do regret your poetry

a simple man, I don’t understand

and I miss music

DADA dada DADA dada, music

our voice, it runs in the family

but music won’t get you far either

be a doctor, you’re smart

Chuck Joy, poet. Magazines: Bogg, Rattapallax, Chiron Review, Lilliput Review, Great Lakes Review, Foundlings, 2 Bridges, Pratik, poetrybay, others. Poetry collections: Theme of Line, Fun Poetry, Said the Growling Dog, Percussive, others. Host, Poetry Night (weekly poetry event) 2017-2020. Poet Laureate, Erie County Pennsylvania, 2018-2021. More at