Gina Ferrara

Gina Ferarra


Between Us and the Sky

One canopy of cloth

named in three syllables,

sometimes ruffled, vowels and double

consonants, hands

gripping close to the curve,

the inquisitive, at the pole’s end,

the bamboo hook, supple stitched leather,  

the mahogany handle, the eternally rhetorical

opening to an enviable span,

nearly wider than anything avian.

Mists and squalls fall in the moment,

the predicted and the unexpected,

canvases stretched taut, blacks, navys,

bladder-sized peonies proliferating an occasional red,

ribs extended, a tenacious opacity,

a history of sheltering beneath cloudbursts,

segues, separations, schisms

and a steadfast sun.  


One Galactic List

The unrequited light years,

the stars perforating heaven,

the multitudes of constellations,

and important planets, even the unknown ones

waiting for discovery, for the right inquiry

to find their hazy light,

the gaseous glow never gangrenous but hopeful,

the glimmers of the nocturnal and epic,

ours and other galaxies have my gratitude

that you missed all of my failures,

the close calls and disasters,

the incidents that evolved

from situations to realities

leading to the raised glyph-like scars

or ones appearing in random segments,

distances between here and there

without ever leaving the body.  

Rose Rosette

Needing more than to prune

and uproot, it was time, the hour

to burn, to douse flammable fragments

in one contiguous stream,

and follow with a strike not meant for extinguishing

each branch, the smaller canes

exaggerated with thorns and scarlet bristles,

irate extremities at the tips in kerosene

to destroy the mites, an unseen uprising

that came with the wind from any direction

causing the whites, always hesitant

to internalize before stopping,

quelling each rose to nothing more than memory,

the dark reds and pinks at one time

I brought you swaddled with nothing

more than wet tissue.  


Gina Ferrara lives in New Orleans. Her collections include: The Size of Sparrows (Finishing Line Press 2006), Ethereal Avalanche (Trembling Pillow Press 2009), Amber Porch Light  (CW Books 2013), Carville: Amid Moss and Resurrection Fern (FLP 2014), and Fitting the Sixth Finger: Poems Inspired by the Paintings of  Marc Chagall (Aldrich Press 2017). She teaches English and creative writing at Delgado Community College. Her poetry has appeared in Callaloo, anderbo, Valley Voices, The Poetry Ireland Review, and others.