Angelo Colavita


madness —

great sky

mouth of ivory

the poet speaks of sacrament no

this is the falling out of sown seed

come light the way like light

does when venus infers something

transformative you were young

once and futures told lies tell me

sweet little figurines carved from

beeswax and honey

busying herself herding hecatombs

t’ward saturn’s capitol janus everwatching

power is a location we are everywhere

we tap our capital from the aqueducts

of motherwolf and to the party

go stag like some churlish girl

the scheme of less feasible dreams

at the banquet of senators

feed suckling blood into the earth herself

no work no war no court no school no masters

but for god’s sake cover your heads

these auguries shit on divinity

like derelict heretics pinching olives

the old fashioned way


Angelo Colavita lives and writes in Philadelphia, where he serves as Founding Editor of Empty Set Press and Associate Editor at Occulum Journal. He is the author of two chapbooks of poetry, as well as a full-length epic, Nazareth (forthcoming, Apep Publications). His work has appeared in The Shoutflower, Wildness Journal, Bowery Gothic, Madcap Review, Dream Pop, Yes Poetry, and elsewhere. For more info, visit or follow on Twitter @angeloremipsum and Instagram @angelocolavita