Guido’s Corner

By Mike Fiorito

The Great River runs across the earth. It goes on and on, across continents. The Great River can take you anywhere. From the edge of Rainy Park in Queens, NY, the Great River can take you to remote parts of New Zealand or the Congo. 

 I am on the Great River. I can walk over parts of it, leaping from submerged rock to rock. Now and again, I am washed by the Great River’s terrific rain squalls. 

The Great River leads to everywhere. It’s the hidden transport system that can take you from San Francisco to New York City in a matter of minutes. It’s the spine that runs up and down the world. 

 When I stand back and look at the Great River, I am satisfied, if not a bit overwhelmed. Yes, the Great River is awesome and inspiring, but it’s also terrifying. Where will it take me? Do I want to go anywhere in a heartbeat? The Great River can traverse time and place. I am a child in one moment; and suddenly I am an old man on the river. The Great River contains everything. It is me before I was born and long after I’m gone. 

Listen to the gurgling waters of the river. The river’s song tells the history of the universe.